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We believe that your ideas
should inspire people

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"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it"
Simon sinek

Startups, employees of large corporations or public speakers, it’s time to get trained in the Pitch Method© by using cognitive

Some of our students include

True to your personality, we build with you an inspiring
pitch that looks like you

We have coached more than 6000 people.

Did you know that your speech is structured on three level, just like your brain?

80% of people explain what they do
15% explain how they do it
And only 5% explain why they do it

Discover the cognitive neurosciences in order to communicate and inspire your audience

Did you know that…

The limbic system is responsible for the “why” part of your

It deals with emotions, trust, and loyalty.

The neocortex allows you to convey the “what” and “how” part of your speech

It deals with the rational, the analytic and the language

Our method relies on those two core principles

emotions by explaining
your "why" to the audience

Share a clear, structured,
and simple message

Start by conveying the
“why” of your message

The “why” connect directly with the limbic system of your message

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Then communicate the "what" and "how" in order to rationalise emotion

The "what" and "how" tie in with the neocortex of your audience

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We have built 3 methods to neuro boost your pitches

Allow your audience to feel, and then learn your message.


We help the startups in developing an impactful pitch in order for them to reach their objectives. 

A neuro pitch of 1,2,3,5,12 minutes or more, we follow you in: 

+ Write a more impactful pitch
+ Creating presentations
+ Public speaking

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Learn to neuroboost your public speaking:

+ Reverse pitch, pitch like a statup
+ Make your meetings more efficient
+ Make your conferences more dynamic

 Learn to inspire your audience by sharing your ideas.

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Public Speakers

We assist public speakers such as TEDx speakers, M.C, inmaking presentations full of emotions.

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Our students are our best ambassadors

Startups, corporates or public speakers, they give their feedback

Paralympic tennis champion

“A true chance and pleasure to have collaborated
with the School of Pitch during my first TedX”

Vincent Viollain
Head of partnerships & startup relations @ Viva Technology

“The pitch workshops at Vivatech were extremely intense and
lively thanks to the School of Pitch that trained the speakers each morning in a productive yet cheerful atmosphere. I cannot wait to see the School of Pitch again at Vivatech 2018”

Caroline Flaissier
Chief Digital Officer
@ Total Gas, Renewables & Power

“The School of Pitch has allowed me to reinforce the impact
of my message. Total’s ambition? Provide with an answer to the demographic, environemental, and economic challenges with the help of startups.”

Sandrine Briatte
Vice President, Sales
@ Guerlain

“In our modern life, time is precious so you better know how to pitch right to win a project, a contract or even a salary increase. Not only Dare LVMH project was a very rich human experience but it was also an opportunity for me to learn of an efficient methodology aiming at pitching with the right words in a very short time not forgetting breathing and smiling.”

"We believe your ideas should inspire people"

Lorenzo Croati
CEO @ Pitch school
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